HGTV Fixer upper paint colors used: 9 Popular Color Palettes used by Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna gaines farmhouse paint colors used on Fixer Upper are some of my favorites.

The paint colors she chooses are always neutral but not boring, perfectly complimenting the decor in the room.

I’ve done a little research and found some paint colors from some of the most popular brands to match my favorite looks on Fixer Upper.
As with any paint selection, this is only a starting point. I find even the same color can look completely different in different rooms in my home so I suggest asking for a few testers before committing to any particular shade.

I tried to match paint Joanna Gaines uses to sherwin williams and a couple of other popular brands. I tried to find magnolia home paint colors matched to sherwin williams, Benjamin moore and a couple of other brands.

Farmhouse White Paints – Contrasting Shades of White

Finding the right shade of white is harder than you might think. Different whites have different tints with the amount of natural light the room gets. I personally don’t like to use white paint even when want what looks like white walls. I usually try either a warm or cool gray so the end results doesn’t look so stark.

SUPER WHITE Benjamin Moore Classic colors, FROST Behr Color collection, HIGH REFLECTIVE WHITE Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

Perfect Shade of Modern Farmhouse Gray Paint

I love this modern light shade of warm gray she uses in the bedroom. It looks great with the gold accents and rustic materials.

Benjamin Moore Bunny Gray, N530-2U DOUBLE CLICK Behr Color collection, STARRY NIGHT Sherwin-Williams Color

Contrasting Neutrals – fixer upper kitchen paint colors most frequently used

White is almost neccesity for the kitchen. It creates a nice clean feel the the room that you want to feel most clean. The cabinets and other fixtures in the kitchen usually balances the white white out so it doesn’t feel too stark. I love these open rustic shelves she uses here with a white neutral background.

SUPER WHITE Benjamin Moore Classic colors, FROST Behr Color collection, HIGH REFLECTIVE WHITE Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

Pop of Teal – A Favorite for Fixer Upper Kitchen Paint Colors. Fixer upper paint colors for season 5 are some of my favorites.

By this point, Joanna really honed in her on her signature style and started using some really gorgeous elegant color combinations. I love this teal partial paint idea in combination with gold accents. The unique paint color combination really elevates her interior designs.

DEEP OCEAN Benjamin Moore, STRIKING Behr Color collection, BOSPORUS Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

Gray Accent Cabinets – Magnolia Home essential for the living room 

Gray walls are all the rage these days but I find the darker shades of gray to really make the room a little dreary. Of course, Joanna is genius so use such a popular color in the right amount. On cabinets, it looks perfectly stylish without overwhelming the room. I love this combination of the gray cabinets with wood paneling.

DELRAY GRAY Benjamin Moore Classic colors, PENCIL SKETCH Behr Fandeck, AFRICAN GRAY Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

Blue as a Neutral – Best Farmhouse Style Paint Color

I love using color as a neutral base and this shade of blue is perfect for the job. It totally brightens up the room while adding a cozy inviting feel to common family spaces. Its also not too much color to use everywhere, the lighter shade makes it not to monotonous to use all over.

ATHABASCA Benjamin Moore Designer Classics, OZONE Behr Fandeck, AKE FIVE Sherwin-Williams Color

Black Matte Accent Wall – A Magnolia shiplap Paint Color Match

Who would have ever thought to do a black accent wall. Well, I guess that is the genius of Joanna’s designs. She truly has elevated modern farmhouse style to another level. I love this sleek contemporary color used on a classic rustic material like shiplap. Most people would never think to paint any walls completely black, given it would darken the room significantly but somehow, the texture of the shiplap makes it quite welcoming. I love the contrast with the rest of the room and her use of a natural color palette and materials.

INT.RM/EXT.RM BLACK Benjamin Moore Classic colors, CARBON Behr Color collection, TRICORN BLACK Sherwin-Williams Color

Seafoam Bathroom – Perfect shade of Blue Green Paint

I love the revival of this shade for paint with the popularity of the show Fixer Upper. It used to such a popular color a couple of decades ago I always associate it with the 90s. But somehow, when paired with the right materials, the color looks modern again on walls. I think it is the combination of natural unfinished woods, dark fixture accents and contemporary lines that really pulls this look together.

MOUNT SAINT ANNE Benjamin Moore Classic colors, OCTOBER SKY Behr Fandeck, BREEZY Sherwin-Williams Concepts in Color

Not so Blue – Very Popular Paint Color for Family Rooms and Dens

Closely related to seafoam is blue. Light blues have made a come back as well. It really brings a country airy feel to a room. Finding the right shade of blue is hard. I personally like the warmer blues. Joanna uses the perfect shade in this cute family room on the show.

SARATOGA SPRINGS Benjamin Moore Classic colors, PEACEFUL BLUE Behr Color collection, POWDER BLUE Sherwin-Williams Color

Gray and Wood Contrast – I love the modern farmhouse color scheme

If there was ever a Fixer Upper signature color combination, this would be it. I love the mix of old and new, rustic and modern, textures and materials. Joanna Gaines also loves to paint here cabinets an actual color. I’ve always just done white but then again, I’m not nearly as creative with my design.

GULL WING GRAY Benjamin Moore, TIN FOIL Behr Color collection, GRIS Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

Is there a particular room you’d like some help identifying the paint color? Send me a note!


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