Fixer Upper Area Rug Ideas: The best Magnolia home knock off rugs

Joanna Gaines rug ideas used on Fixer Upper are always a perfect compliment to her signature style.

The rugs used on fixer upper seem to always complete the modern farmhouse look. 

Finding the perfect rug is an under appreciated aspect of decorating a room. It is usually the last piece to be selected, it can make or break a room and it is incredibly frustrating to shop for rugs that are both good quality and affordable.

I’ve curated a few go to rugs that Joanna seems to like to use on Fixer Upper.

Fixer upper kitchen rugs are an essential part of creating that Modern Farmhouse Look.

The Jute/Sisal rug indoors – I love the idea of using outdoor rugs for indoors. It is a fantastic choice if it is a high traffic area or you have small kids that just tear up the place (my situation). It adds a rustic effect to the room without being too industrial looking.

Fixer upper living rooms rugs are always a reliable choice.

The vintage worn new rug – There are really popular these days, the worn pattern makes looks like it has been part of the room all along.


The textured neutral rug – This one is a no brainer. Joanna has mastered textured neutrals. The new neutral is not boring. The different weave patterns and textures make it an interesting take on a classic without overwhelming the room.

The Moroccan pattern rug – This is an essential rug to create that Fixer Upper look. It adds a earthy undertones to the feel of the room. Its relaxed textures and materials makes it inviting for the whole family.

Classic vintage in rich colors – A fully saturated colored rug can sometimes be overwhelming for a room but the vintage version is the perfect mix to add a pop of color without it being glaring.
And then here are just a few of my favorites…

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