9 Blue Wall Art – Blue and Abstract Art to Elevate any Room

Blue maybe the most timeless and versatile accent color every. It matches both warm and cool tones. Paired with white and it turns into a nautical theme, mixed with dark tones and you have a well structure piece that adds weight to any wall, or stand alone, a solid blue piece can hold its own without being boring. It truly is a great color to use when in doubt to finish a room.
I also find abstract art to be the most versatile. It is unspecific in theme, left to the imagination of the viewer, fits all decor style and withstand more trendy patterns that come and go within a few seasons.
Whether you are looking for an investment piece or something more affordable to pull the room together, I’ve curated a few of my favorite pieces:
Get an original art piece that elevates your room with this striped abstract blue piece.
Which way is up? I always find that fun discussion with abstract piece with friends that have not seen the original presentation.
If there is no designated up, it only makes the piece more versatile. Hang an abstract piece sideways if the space call for it and no one will know the difference.
This is a lovely piece that is a little bit better define for those that prefer scenic landscapes with just a touch of abstract.
Looking for a more cost effective art piece? Prints of abstract art look just as great.
I love the glow of yellow peeking through the horizon on this piece. This is another example of much more affordable print piece that can still add an equal amount of elegance as the original.
Abstract art can bring uniformity without monotony to a wall. This multi tonal blue wall art piece is a perfect accent to an otherwise busy room.
A little bit mid-century vibe, a little bit contemporary, this modern circle piece is a crowd pleaser for a wide spectrum of styles.
Ombre may come and go for women’s hairstyles but it has certainly endured more longevity in the art space.
This piece always reminds me of the oily puffy stickers I used to collect as a child. They were always the most expensive coveted stickers that you only go on your birthday or special holiday.
Want more? Check out all the curated blue wall decor at Citizendecor.com

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