Fixer Upper Dining Room Ideas | How to decorate like Joanna Gaines

To be honest, I never got really excited about dining room decor until I started watching Fixer Upper. Joanna Gaines dining room decor has managed to create a distinct style in the simplest of rooms that is both clean, refreshing and cozy at the same time.

There isn’t much that goes into a dining room: dining table, dining chair, lighting, centerpiece. Yet, every with just a few categories, Fixer upper has created some of the most iconic looks for a room that is not only a feast for the stomach but for the eyes as well.

Here are a few elements essential for creating a Fixer Upper style Dining Room:

Fixer Upper Dining table – This is such an essential part of the dining room, the dining room is not a dining room without a table. I wrote a dedicated piece with her go to styles for dining tables but you can’t go wrong with a pedestal round table for small spaces and a rustic natural wood rectangular piece for larger spaces.

Fixer Upper Dining Room

Fixer Upper Dining chairs – I wrote another article on a few of her favorite for dining chairs here. A classic Joanna style is to mix 2 chair types. For larger tables, maybe consider bigger seats to anchor the table ends and simpler wooden numbers for the longer sides.

Fixer Upper Chandelier

Fixer upper dining room lighting – This is subtle component that truly pulls the look together. I wrote a dedicated article on some of Joanna’s favor light fixture styles.

Fixer Upper Chandelier

Magnolia Home Dining Table Centerpieces Most the Fixer Upper dining tables will have something for a centerpiece. Joanna’s go to style is a mix of similar styled vases with a very simple floral or leaf arrangement. You can’t go wrong with just a clear glass vase and a few palm leaves.

Fixer Upper Chandelier

Finally, I love Fixer Upper dining room paint colors. Joanna carries many of these color in her Magnolia Home paint line but I have matched some of the most commons colors used on the show here in this article.


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