Fixer Upper Farmhouse Dining Table Roundup: Favorite Joanna Gaines dining room ideas

My favorite things about the show is first and foremost, the personalities of the host, particularly Joanna Gaines. There’s just something so wholesome about her presence and these elements are reflected in her work. I think for many families the dining room is where the family spends the most quality time. The magnolia home farmhouse dining tables are some of my favorite pieces in her styled interiors.


Between meals shared over conversations, or just craft projects for school, the dining room has become a special place for our family. Joanna seems to truly understand this when designing dining room for her clients. Each look she creates is warm, inviting and most importantly functional.

A dining room would be one without a dining table. After some extensive research, I’ve collected some of my favorite fixer upper dining room tables finds.


The Round Pedestal Dining Table This seems to be Joanna’s go to choice for small dining room and kitchen nooks. It is a great way to fit maximum people around a table in a small space.


Rectangular Trestle – Classic french countryside look mixed with modern rustic materials, this is a beautiful anchor piece for any dining room.


The rustic wooden table top with steel legs – I love when Joanna’s styling goes a bit on the industrial side. The steel legs adds a rugged element to the look.


Cross legged rectangular table – This leg style in combination with unfinished food a classic choice on Fixer Upper


White washed and worn – We all know Joanna loves to frequent vintage markets and has quite the collection of vintage finds in her warehouse. The white washed but gently used dining table makes you feel like families have been dining there for generations.

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