Fixer Upper Lighting: Best Farmhouse Lighting Finds

Let there be light!…on farmhouse lighting ideas. Ok, that was just a little cheesy but you get my point. Magnolia homes light fixtures are some of the best farmhouse lighting choices I’ve seen.

I find the light fixture shopping experience to be a truly cumbersome one. The few retailers that do carry light fixtures usually don’t feature them in their showrooms and filing through all of them online is just infuriating. They are also all over the map when it comes to pricing and I never want to commit to something expensive that can make or break a room without a better idea of what it might look like in our house.


Well, we have part of the problem solved here. Joanna Gaines lighting choices can serve as a guide to executing the perfect farmhouse look. Fixer upper kitchen lighting choices are also a good reference.

Here is a collection of her go to choices for farmhouse lighting fixtures:

Candle Light Chandelier The Candle Light Chandelier is the quintessential traditional farmhouse light fixture. It is a class take and historic real candle chandelier predating electricity. Although faux candles are probably not as aesthetically pleasing, they are certainly safer and had a vintage element.
The Wooden frame Chandelier – I love the juxtaposition of rustic materials and modern elements, classic Joanna Gaines modern farmhouse style.
The Metal Orb Chandelier – Strategic use of metals as accents can really anchor a look. I like the use of darker metals complimenting warm earth tones.
Wagon wheel chandelier – Class farmhouse essential with the wagon wheel chandelier. It is a very functional light fixture that will add a vintage touch to any dining room.
Inverted Pendant – This is one of my favorite styles as it shield the light bulb slightly and creates a softer dispersed lighting that is not too glaring for eye. This is an essential piece to creating a cozy ambiance for any dining room.
Rectangular Steel Cage Pendant – Joanna Gaines also uses these as  porch lights.Another classic farmhouse style light figure. For the smaller dining table that needs a more compact pendant, this rectangular cage pendant is a perfect choice.
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