Budget Friendly Farmhouse Style Rugs

Rugs are the most important piece in a room that can make or break the look. They are also the hardest to shop for not knowing how it will look with your lighting and furniture. They also happen to be one of the most expensive items in the room.

Every Farmhouse room needs a rug to create that warm inviting feel. I’ve put together a few styles that are both versatile in adding that rustic touch and easy on the pocket books.

Here are some of go to’s for farmhouse style rugs:

All Natural

Jute and Sisal can make for great indoor rugs as well. They stand up well to wear and tear and spills and stains. They are an ideal choice for high traffic areas or dining areas.


Vintage worn
Nothing tells a story better than a vintage rug. Fortunately, they make affordable tufted versions that are pre-worn.
Vintage Neutral
There is a nothing more elegant than a classic pattern in a versatile tone. A vintage neutral rug is sure to add warm and sophistication to any room.
Textured Neutrals
A great way to use neutral in an interesting way is to add texture. I nice cream braided rugs will make any room that much cozier.
Colorful Vintage
Color can be hard to do in a Rug. The Citizen Decor tool makes it much easier to find an ideal colorful rug for all interior looks. Here are few choices I handpicked.

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