Farmhouse table bench and chairs and where to find affordable ones

One of the great things about modern farmhouse style is its versatility to mix and match items are part of the look. I love the combination of a bench and dining chairs for a dining room because it not only adds variety but it is a much more economical way to arrange seating.

Here are a few arrangements to consider and where to find budget friendly versions:

Full Bench Setup

There might have to be some compromised made on both sides of the table in terms of distances of seating to table but it is the most efficient way to get a bunch of kids with a smaller footprint around the table.

Fixer Upper Chandelier

I like this industrial farmhouse dining table, here are a few options: Pottery Barn $1899, 

Any rustic bench with go perfectly with an industrial table. Here is a perfect budget friendly choice:

Mix and Match
A nice compromise but still efficient is the combination of individual chairs and a bench. Here is a nice look from influencer Ana White. I love the combination of vintage white and wood tones.
Here is a nice affordable version from Walmart:
Dining Room Set
It just doesn’t get any easier than this, a prepackaged dining room set with chairs and benches.
Here are a few of my favorite sets suitable for all budgets:

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