5 Modern Art Ideas for the Living Room that Won’t Break the Bank

Finding artwork for any room is a daunting task but especially so for the living room. The living room is where you will likely spend the most time. It is the room guests will most frequent. It is also the place to put the largest art piece that needs to be cohesive with the rest of the room. All this makes for a fun decor challenge.

I think I speak for most people in that I want something unique that doesn’t cost more than all the furniture combined. I certainly don’t have time to go browse in person all the different retailers not to mention they usually don’t carry their full lineup for inventor in store. I find the Citizen Decor tool to be particularly helpful it comes to searching for art.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Abstract and Neutral

This is a crowd-pleaser if there ever was one. The neutral undertones will fit in with any living room color palette. Abstract brings a contemporary edge that will make a statement.


World Market, $119

If you want to find similar items to this piece, check out more abstract neutral artwork here. 


Black and White

Regardless of content, a black and white palette always creates a clean modern vibe. it is likely to go with anything in the room as well.


Serena Lily, $435

Want more ideas? Check out these black and white art pieces here?


Metal as Art

Looking for an edgy industrial modern look. Adding a metallic accent to the room on the walls is a great way to do this.


Lulu and Georgia $98

More Metal Wall Art Ideas here.

Artistic Mirror

Both functional and decorative, it is really the best of both worlds. Plus, most decorative mirrors are not expensive.


World Market $119

Here are some more Mirror Art pieces.


Textured Materials

Modern art doesn’t have to stop at paints. There are many inexpensive piece made with alternative materials that look great.


West Elm $369

Here are some more wood wall art pieces.

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