15 Living Room Color Schemes with Brown Leather Furniture

Have you somehow inherited a brown couch and wondering how to make the most of it in your living room? Don’t worry, there are plenty of living room colors that go with that brown couch.

It wasn’t that long ago that brown leather sofa screamed hand me down. But recently, it has become a trendy rustic anchor piece for a lot of really chic living rooms. In fact, the more worn, more better, as if it has had a long history passed down from generation to generation. Don’t worry, even if you just bought one, they make them distressed direct from the store too.

The key is to pick the right color scheme to go with that with brown leather furniture. If you own your place and can do a little more with the room, consider painting the walls a different color. If you rent and just want some renter friendly things to do, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of decorating ideas there.

Dark Brown Leather Sofa Decorating Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse – Dark brown and natural tones

Dark brown couch creates a slightly different feel compared to its light tan sofa counterpart. I like a more rustic but modern farmhouse style to pair with dark brown sofas. It doesn’t matter if it is a traditional english roll arm or tuxedo style sofa, all dark brown couches fit as a base for a rustic living room look. It’s important to pair this look with lots of rustic textures and materials. If you have room for a coffee table or side table, consider a raw wood edge finish. Or maybe some linen throw pillows and a chunky blanket. All these pieces pair well with a dark brown sofa.

Industrial Farmhouse – Dark metallic accents

A traditional leather sofa can be the perfect anchor for a industrial farmhouse look. Add a few furniture pieces with black metallic accents or a lamp with a dark rugged base. That couch is more versatile than you might think. Figuring out different ways to integrate raw metallic finishes can be fun. Even if you have the rest of your furniture picked out, you can easily add a decorated candle or rustic tray to shift the feel of the room.

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Create a super masculine look with just a few elements; leather couch, dark metallic accents, raw dark woods and simple contemporary lines. Its super chic and urban and works well with both large open spaces and small living rooms.

Wall Colors with Brown Couch

Consider gray walls for your brown couch

It might seem strange to pair a cool tone with a warm material but it actually makes for a contemporary feel with that contrast. The key is to pick out a more warm shade of gray, what I like to call griege so it pulls on the warm notes from the sofa.

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Any color shiplap also goes great with a brown couch

Shiplap is now an essential part of any modern farmhouse living room. Shiplap is an easy way to add a cozy country feel to any room but it works particularly well with leather sofas. You can paint shiplap any color as well depending on the lighting and rest of the furniture.

Put all these things together and you’ve got the perfect rustic den. The best part is it doesn’t matter what shape or shade your brown leather couch is in, it works well for any of these color schemes and style.

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Consider going bohemian – brown and colorful

Boho chic is a completely different direction than all the more rustic ideas above it works well for a dark brown couch. I bet you didn’t realize how versatile that sofa could be in your living room? The easiest way to create a bohemian vibe to is pick out the right rug. A nice moroccan shag rugs creates a perfect effortless vintage vibe that will instantly transform a worn out brown leather couch. Add a few color throw pillows and the look is complete.  

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More dark brown couch living room ideas

There’s actually many different iterations you can do with a dark brown sofa. Add boho chic shag rug and a raw wood finish coffee table and somehow you’ve created a modern farmhouse look. Maybe you already have a glass coffee table, paint your walls a trendy gray and now you’ve got the perfect transitional living room.

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Go southern

Add a single cowhide at the foot of couch or layer it on top of another neutral rug and now you’ve added a lot of personality to that hand me down. Or if you already have a busy looking rug, consider a cowhide throw pillow or ottoman to add the same stylistic touch on top of what is already going on.

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Decorating with brown furniture is easier than you think

Tan Sofa and a Colorful Shag

Maybe you’re moving in together and want to somehow integrate that light brown leather sofa that went so well in the last apartment but looks a little out of place if you new living room. Try creating your own Mad Men era set with a mid-century modern look. A colorful shag will create that perfect Don Draper ready family room look.

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Decorating Around a Brown Couch – Warm Off whites

When in doubt, stick to cream tones, it works with almost any color. I love a cozy cream chunk throw, or some neutral rustic throw pillows and a vintage for an inviting family space. The lighter colors brightens up a darker sofa and makes it super versatile to layer more as time goes on.

Still a little undecided about repainting your walls or committing to an area rug? Try a particular color palette out with throw pillows and a blanket. They are easy returnable items that you can try out on the sofa and just take it back if it doesn’t work. It’s amazing how you can change the feel of a space with just a few interchangeable pieces.

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