Best Places for Inexpensive Extra Large Area Rugs

Are you looking for large area rugs for the living room? Or maybe an extra large area rug that is budget friendly but not cheap looking?

I always find it so frustrating to shop for rugs. Most home furnishing or decor stores only carry a small selection of rugs. It is particularly frustrating shopping for large area rugs because they typically don’t display them due to its size so you’re left to guess if it will fit with your existing living room furniture.

The worst part in picking out a large area rug is it can make or break a room. A rug really pulls everything together when it is the right one. On that top of all that, there so many other considerations to make as well – the exact dimensions for your room and existing furniture, the material and pile height for feel, how easy is it maintain the rug…

Get this boho mid-century living room look here

I’ve compiled a few places where I have had some luck finding good deals on stylish large area rugs that are easy on the pocket books.

Here are a few of my recommendations for inexpensive extral large area rugs:

Find large area rugs for sale right after major holidays

Stores these days don’t stick to just one clearance after Christmas and New Years, there’s usually trying to move inventory after every major holiday. If you can wait a few weeks until the next major holiday when they had a big shopping event, then chances are, they might be getting rid of a few things in the rug department.

Large area rugs on Amazon

Amazon is now in the home furnishing business and making a pretty big splash. The big secret all of the machine tufted rugs are made by the same handful of manufacturers – Jaipur, Safavieh, Loloi…weather you buy it from West Elm or Target or Amazon, it is all the same rug. It just so happen Amazon is so great at home delivery.

Find cheap large area rugs in store as the floor model

Many time home furnishing stores will put their floor model rugs on deep discount, even the ones that have been hanging on those giant racks in the back. Why not take one of those for half the price? Its not like it has been used.

Consider going for an outdoor rug made out of jute or sisal.

The materials used for jute of sisal are generally a little bit cheaper so it makes for a more affordable area rug when used in large quantities. They are great for creating a more rustic farmhouse look or even a beach or tropical themed design. They are not only versatile in terms of indoors and outdoors use but also in styles.

Alright, but you say you want large area rugs under $200?

Now that is a real challenge. My recommendation for that price point is to pick a rug style that requires less material and labor, like a thinner woven rug. You can always supplement that rug with a thicker rug pad to not only add cushion but tractions to help it stay in place.

A great place to find more affordable large woven rugs is World Market. They stock so many cute bohemian vintage rugs that are definitely under $200. Pier 1 also stocks more solid colored rugs that are a little more plain in the style department but will certainly fit the bill.

Large Area Rugs for Bedrooms

For the bedroom, I usually like a more neutral look that is plush and comfortable for my feet first thing in the morning. My favorite place to shop for neutral rugs that are high quality and pile is Pottery Barn. The rest of Pottery Barn is a little pricey but for some reason, they have incredibly reasonably price large wool area rugs that are visually pleasing and plush.

Or maybe you are looking for a more modern rugs for cheap?

My favorite place to shop for more contemporary rugs is Lulu and Georgia. The Founder of Lulu and Georgia comes from a family business rooted in rug distribution so they have a long history of business in this industry. I love some of their modern bohemian picks in their line up.

CB2 also has a good selection of more modern affordable rugs that are more trendy and change throughout the year. If you see something you like there, it is probably best to not wait for a sale because it may be gone forever by then.

I also like shopping at West Elm for more budget friendly large modern rugs. West Elm also sources from the major rug manufacturers but they do a good job of curating for the latest trends.

A Few Other Notable Mentions for Affordable Large Area Rugs

The thing with cheap area rugs is it might be initially cheap but they fall apart, are hard to clean and all around not that visually appealing. If you have small children and pets, I understand the need to find something not too expensive especially if your toddler is going to immediately spill something. I found this great new rug company that makes machine washable area rugs. They are made of super durable and thin materials and come with a thick rug pad for underneath. They seperated the top of the rug from the bottom essentially. Check out Ruggable if you get a chance because have a surprisingly wide selection of styles.

I also have recently been into rug tiles. I know you immediately think stuffy office building when you think of rug tiles but some of the new manufacturers make some really cute and plush styles that are not only much easier to clean and maintenance but they are modularized and customization. This is especially great if you have an odd dimension in your living room space or need to do frequent spot cleaning. A lot of times, you can’t even tell it is a tile rug.

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