Favorite Stores like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel

While I like the convenience of shopping at Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel since they are both online and reasonably available in most urban areas, I sometimes just want to venture out and get a little more variety or find a more affordable version of they have.

Fortunately, the Citizen Decor shopping tool can help you do that by finding similar items. For example, one of the most frustrating things about shopping for a rug is finding variations on the same look. Here, if you are interested in a neutral vintage rug, Citizen Decor can help find all the similar ones across multiple vendors.

I understand that different people have different reasons for trying to find a good pottery barn look alike or maybe a store that had more modern traditional furniture like Crate and Barrel. Here are a few of my places to shop:

For furniture like pottery barn but cheaper – I love World Market.

World Market is full of rustic home furnishing surprises. The reality is, most of the furniture you find is made from the same manufacturers. They just are brandless and are sold under the brand of the retailer. A lot of the rustic coffee tables and other dining tables you might find at Pottery Barn, you can find a copycat at World Market for half the price.

For example, here a Pottery Barn Banks table knock off from World Market:

Get this Pottery Barn Banks table knock off here

Other Alternatives to Pottery Barn

I also find Pier 1 to be a good source of farmhouse style furniture and decor. My favorite things to buy there are actually rugs. Pier 1 is one of few places with really cheap rug swatches so you can get a feel for how it might look in your living room.

I also like Birchlane, a Wayfair company. They tend to have more variety is Wayfair is one of the biggest home furnishing distributors so there’s usually a abundance of different versions of the same style at different price points.

Overstock also has a fair collection of similar style furniture to Pottery Barn. The only problem with Overstock is the shopping experience, its just not a good one.

Here is a Pottery Barn Manhattan chair knock off:

Get this Pottery Barn Manhattan Chair Knock Off at Hayneedle

For Crate and Barrel Copycat, I find there are many more options depending on what style you are looking for.

For just traditional and mid century styles, I find Room and Board to have a lot of similar quality furniture but more customization available.

For some of the more traditional basic pieces, I actually find the options at Costco to be very comparable but about half the price. If you just want a traditional neutral colored sectional, your best bet is Costco. They have more selection online than they do in store and most store partner with a very reasonably priced local delivery service.

Finding Crate and barrel knock off furniture is easier than Pottery Barn in many ways because they are less distinct in its style. For the slightly be trending version, West Elm carries a of similar pieces but about 25% less.

For more modern furniture like Crate and Barrel, I like shopping online at EQ3 and Scandinavian Design. They tend to be the grown up version of Ikea and most of their furniture comes pre-assembled.

If you want a more sleek and hire quality version of Crate and Barrel, try looking at the Restoration Modern line. It is the perfect mix of contemporary lines, classic materials and textures and overall clean aesthetic. Restoration Hardware also has a fantastic reputation of customer service in case the furniture doesn’t show up in perfect condition.

Another store available online that has transitional style furniture like Crate and Barrel is Mitchell + Gold. Bloomingdales and other boutique will carry a few of these items but it tends to not be as readily available as the other mainstream lines. If there is something you like from their online store, you can order them directly or most furniture boutiques will order it for you at no additional charge.

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