Complimentary E-Decorating Services by Citizen Decor

What is E-Decorating?

It’s a term we made up…but it makes sense doesn’t it? Why bother paying $100+ per room when you can get the same results for free.

What do you get by signing up?

>Weekly decor inspirations sent to your inbox

>Shopping list of where to find the pieces to create the look

>Similar items if you want a little variation or just a different price point

Ready to get started?

I’m interested in the following styles:

Look, we totally get it, decorating is work in progress. A true artist needs time and space to marinate on an idea, you need inspiration to seed a concept and (shopping) tools to hone in your craft.

Some times its just a little coffee nook or entry way. Other times it a whole room from sratch. For projects big and small, we are happy to help.